April 28, 2010

Sting of the spurn..

PS: This post needn't make sense to all.. this is for you, FGIL.

How long does it take to sink in that something isn't working? No matter what parameters you tweak, what other attempts you make, to accept that that project/trial has officially met it's end? You'll say it depends on the magnitude. I will agree. However even after you realize that it's over, how long does it take to bounce back with a renewed attempt at making it work but through different means? I'd say immediately. I am met with disapproval. I step down to saying sooner than later then. There's that pensive, uncertain nod. Maybe, maybe not. I say there's no point mulling over split milk... kickass and jump on the moving train. Though I am certainly right, I am met with doubt and uncertainty. And finally I learn the true meaning of being able to take the horse to the river and not being able to make it drink. There are some things that have to be done for oneself. Only a thirsty horse is going to drink. Wait for the thirst to overcome you. Unlikely as it may seem now, you too shall drink.


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