April 25, 2010

Mini pizza

Ah well… as is becoming usual, I had the whole, wide bright Sunday to myself. And having made pizza last week and it having been a phenomenal success with the husband, I decided I would try a mini-version today for lunch. So bright and early, I went out to get the fresh ingredients to get me started..  But first, here’s a sneak peek at the finished product -
So.. yumm yumm? Let’s get started! For the dough, you need..
Ingredients How much
All purpose flour 1 pkt = 250g
Salt 1/2 tsp or to taste
Water 125 ml
Olive oil 1 tbsp
Baking powder 1 tsp

And for the toppings, please use your imagination or whatever you have in your fridge. The 2 main things you need is pizza sauce/tomato sauce – I used some leftover Italian pasta sauce or you could make your own and cheese – preferable mozarella to get the nice texture. But I had an open pack of low-fat shredded Emmenthal lying around and ended up using it to finish it off.
1. The dough is pretty simple. Mix all the ingredients up and knead them together to make a smooth dough.
2. Let it sit a while as you prepare the rest of your ingredients (cutting, shredding, etc.)
3. Preheat your oven to 240°C.
4. Once you have all your ingredients sitting ready, grease your baking pan, add a baking sheet/aluminum foil if required (and grease that too).
5. Make small, smooth balls with the dough in your hands and press them down on the baking tray. There’s no need to use a rolling pin. You can just flatten them with the palms of your hands and get the same approximate thickness overall. The dough rises in the oven and so make sure it’s not too thick.
6. Once you’ve arranged maybe 4 of these crusts around your baking tray, you can start piling on the toppings.
7. Go in this order – pizza sauce, veggies/meat, etc and finally cheese. When the cheese melts, it binds all the ingredients together. This is how it looks pre-baking.
8. Now, just bake! It takes about 12-15 minutes in the oven. The crust needs to cook well as do the raw vegetables that you’ve put in there. Position the tray somewhere in between. And after about 10 minutes, switch to “broil” to get the cheese browned on top. And voilà,
(Apparently my “broil” isn’t working or I don’t know to work it yet :D)
However, these were perfectly delicious and took no time to make. And with just one mini pizza, you are full enough and if you’re real hungry, two should certainly do the trick. So, what are you waiting for? Go baking and Bon Appétit!
PS: Needless to say, make it any size you like.. But happy munching!


Gandalf said...

OMG.. So yummy looking.. sigh!

tipsybetsy said...

WOW! I love pizza and though it isn't that gooey cheese your version looks so colorful and mouthwatering! Am *so* gonna try it out!

Jaya said...

Thank you guys! Long time no see! Glad to see that though you don't comment each time (like you used to, sob sob), you are still tracking the blog.. Keep visiting and do comment once in a wile. Feels nice! Welcome back!

Musing Gal said...

wonderful recipe.. would try this soon...

Aruna said...

Nice recipe Jaya! Somehow I never made pizza at home but I'm going to try your recipe one of these days.

Jaya said...

Thank you ladies. Do give it a shot and report back for credibility. :) Keep visiting!

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