April 30, 2010

Bye April..

And so the time has whooshed by. Who out there can believe that 4 whole months, an entire third of this year, 2010 has flown by at the pace that it has? I for one, can’t. With each passing month the ‘final’ year of the PhD gets more stressful.. but this is some form of weird ‘pain’ that I am enjoying. Maybe the possibility of finally starting to see the vague end of the tunnel, still far far away makes each step ahead more enjoyable. After all, the darkest part, the dead center has been left behind. Alright alright.. enough metaphors.

On a brighter note, Paris has quite literally sprung into Spring. Though the time changed a month ago, the weather underwent it’s share of dramatic change only about 10 days ago. And the change was dramatic, shooting the temperatures to the mid 20s, eliminating the need for the security of a jacket and worse, bringing on the first beads of sweat this year. And with that, the trees seem to have bloomed all in one weekend. Ah Paris.. with better weather, there’s just more things to do. But of course they have to be restricted to the weekend,t hanks to the lack of time otherwise; Also today signals the end of the vacances scolaire which means that the trains can be expected to brimming, beginning Monday.

Happy May Day/Labour Day in advance to everyone. For the past 2 years, we enjoyed a long weekend and indeed an entire sequence of them in May. This time however, most “holidays” occur on Saturday. Hmph.

Bon weekend at any rate.


Anonymous said...

Time for some great snaps from your SLR camera.

Jaya said...

Thanks Anon. Me too! :)

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