April 18, 2010

Chilli cheese toast

Ah today was one of those weekend mornings… S gulped down a rapid breakfast and made his way to his cricket ground to usher in the start of the cricket season.. which means I’ll have quite a few days like these to myself to entertain myself as I deem appropriate. While I plan to usher in my own days of being a Parisian culture-monger, taking in hidden views and finding precious bistros (and report back here), today was decidedly lazy. And I was pretty bored with the good old cereal that I’ve been having day after day for breakfast. My tongue yearned for something tasty, simple and different from the monotone of cold cereals and plain toast and I got reminded of those days back in college when we used to go SM’s after college or for sleepovers and Gops would make us chilli cheese toast. With my mouth watering from sheer recollection, I decided to put my cravings to rest and whipped up a 5 minute quickie.


The ingredients of this one are just what they should be – sliced up green chillies (these are the European, none-too-spicy version) and low fat shredded emmenthal. The cheese took care of the salt and chillies, the spice. And I popped them into the oven for about 5 minutes @175°C (till the cheese melted and the bottom toasted) and here it was – a scrumptiously delightful breakfast.

Tip: If using Indian green chillies, please go low on them. As for '”low fat” cheese, not sure how it works so reserve this breakfast for one of those indulgence days.

On a different note, here’s wishing Priya and Vamsi a fabulously happy married life!!


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