February 24, 2010

Does Karma exist?

Note: In this context, I am purely talking about "payback" and not the destiny cycle as defined by Hinduism.

Do you believe in Karma? Like if someone did something wrong, do you believe that eventually, surely it  will bite them in the ass? And even if you believed it, does it make you feel any better about the injustice that was meted out to you? No offense to anyone, but I only believe in Karma to the extent of limiting my own "bad" actions so as to not suffer from something else in the future and then wonder if that "bad deed" was what caused the sufferance in the first place. If only everyone followed this give-and-take policy, people would be erring on the side of caution. As for how it affects other people, I find no solace in consoling myself that they will pay for it, especially while I am nowhere around to witness it. You know what I mean? If someone stole your ideas and profited from it (not too scientific, mind you or on the lines of plagiarism), what good is it going to do you if you believed that he/she will somehow pay for it in the future? And that too after they benefited from your ideas. And it seems much more satisfying to take things in your own hands. And this isn't one of those take-the-law-into-your-hands kind of situations either. This is something personal... something you want to do... something for which laws don't exist.. something that just surpasses the moral boundaries that you've set.. something that is so irritatingly important for you to settle for yourself... something that you owe to yourself... something. Bah, Karma isn't waiting around to redeem you. It's off busy with the bigger bad-doers. So you might as well take this in your hands right? Glad you agree. Only the piece of your mind can bring peace to your mind. Ah wordplay! Time to grab the fictitious bull by the horns.

PS: Any violent actions against anyone/anything are strongly discouraged (unless it's a stress-buster/punching bag, in which case, go for it!!)


Rajni said...

Aaa yes, one of my favorite subjects to debate on!! Awesome post Di!

i agree. It bodes better to let things go because at some point there is always a universal system of checks and balances. You reap what you sow. I always remember ot be kind and the best i can be to everyone because that is my role in the world :)

keep writing!! me loves it!

Rajni said...

on another note, there is always a little glee to be had by personal vindication...even if its something that you only know LOL

Arjun said...

Hey J,
I know exactly how you feel, if what you are talking about is someone else knocking off an idea you've discussed with them but not yet put down on paper. About what the other person was thinking when he/she did something like that, you cant really say. Question is, would the laws of karma hold if he/she did it unintentionally? Eitherways, I think the lesson to take away from this would be, keep your secrets close to your chest :)

Madhumathi said...

i dont know abt this "karma" thing being effective on others...but surely is on myself....

Jaya said...

Rajni-> Yes sweetie.. I agree that no harsh actions no matter what the affront, considering that if there is Karma, then we've done ourselves more harm than good. Of course you know what I meant in the playful context that sometimes, payback is the best "revenge". :D

AK-> Yeah!! But the idea thing was only an example.. Everyday bad Karma extends to so many other things.

Madhumathi-> Do you mean to say that you get "punished" for your own bad actions but you haven't seen it or noticed it's effect on the others?

Everyone, thanks for visiting and commenting. Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Being virtuous will always lead to good results in your this birth and the next. That's what Karma is all about. But yes, I did enjoy the portion of your post in jest. And I also think it's a wonderful new idea of yours to have that share link added. Makes it much easier to pass on your posts to others or simply repost elsewhere. As always a pleasure to read your blog.

Madhumathi said...

Precisely what i think :)

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