February 4, 2010

Postcards from Prague

So here it is… 4 days , 1330+ pictures later, just 3 photos.. to represent the wholesome spirit of Prague. This first one says it all – a beautiful castle overlooking the entire city, a lovely river that separates the castle and the Old town and the medieval architecture if that wasn’t enough..

Photo1 105a

And then this one of the twilight. Twilight is brilliant in Prague, making the entire sky a beautiful inky blue. What better to see it against but the gothic church of Old Town? Here, decide for yourself..


And here’s one last picture.. this one for a quirky fact. The longest escalator in all of Europe in the Metro station of Namesti Miru.. At a whopping 88m high and an arduous 2 minutes 30 seconds long and over 400 steps, it’s one hell of a “ride”. What’s worse? The advertisements on the side walls are also posted at an angle. So, if you lean to read them, you may feel a slight spin of vertigo chugging along with you. And the worstest part? The escalators are at least twice as fast as anything normal you’ve gone on before. That means quick step-on and quick step-off. With no elevators in sight on most Metros and the extra'-tall, extra-long ride ahead, it’s an everyday amusement for the “fearless” and intimidating for the rest. Ok ok, I sense it’s enough build-up. Here’s a pic; And what you think is the top, is not. Go figure.

Photo1 033a

Dobry Den from Prague!!


Radhika said...

Breathtaking captures, Jaya! Wish you a belated anniversary too. Sorry about not commenting all this time, I was busy having a baby :-). More later. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us.

Deepak said...

You owe me 15 minutes and a Tylenol!

Jaya said...

Radhika->Wow, congratulations!!! Boy/Girl? I totally get why you have been on the absentee ballot so long though that can't explain where Krish n Gandalf are. Lol. Thanks for revisiting and take care of yourself and the baby! Happy Mommying :)

Deepak->From the little I read, the only interpretation I could make was that after reading about that escalator here, you googled about it, ended up in youtube and finally ended up making a virtual journey which took 15 min and gave you headache. For such ambitious guessing, you've got to let me know if it was right. If not, what did that mean???? Thanks for visiting n drop by again.

Parasuraman said...

really mind blogging pictures whats the camera that u use ???

Deepak said...

Well, I spent 15 minutes staring at the picture to see if what I think is the top, is really the top. But now, I think I may have been having a blond moment. You were right about the headache though. And oh, BTW, great pictures.

Madhumathi said...

the escalator seems like fun... Would love to go on tht some day :)
Twilight...awesome snap... i dint like the first one so much....too messy...i mean the place looks very messy...jam-packed.

Jaya said...

Appa-> Haha, thanks. We used a DSLR from Canon and the A610 point n shoot, both with spectacular results! :D

Deepak->Lol. Yes, the escalator was a hoot. And it's funny how my bizarre guess about your headache was spot on. Thanks for the compliments on the photos though :)

Madhumathi-> Yep, the escalator is an interesting experience. 3 minutes of time to kill down/up a seemingly unending path. What was ridiculous though were the advertisements placed along the wall running by the escalators. They were also positioned at a tilt of the angle of the climb/descent. Hence when you tilted your head to read the ads, it's a heady feeling making you feel like you're going to tumble the rest of the way. Lol. As for the first picture, yes, it's crowded, but believe me, it's the essence of Prague.. the waters, the medieval architecture and the castle. Ah Praha!

Thanks all of you for visiting and all the comments as well. Appreciate it!

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