January 14, 2010

I swear........

Not everyone is an "emotional" person. By that I mean that not everyone is prone to express their emotions in the most obvious of manners for all to see. For instance, some people are easy to be provoked to tears/tirades/laughter etc., but some others are not. I, for one can reflect either extreme as I please and according to situation. But by default I think I am a more expressive person. My face/eyes give away my reaction before it's vocal. However, this isn't what I am talking about here. Some emotions drive us more strongly than others. And identifying it may help us focus it in a more desirable manner than leading to detrimental effects. For some people it's sadness... some others it's jealousy. But for me, it's anger/rage. It's my most palpable emotion. Sometimes I feel so strongly about something that I can almost feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins and me wanting to explode. Thankfully I've started streamlining it. To address the immediate problem, I've realized that a slew of well-chosen expletives/ghastly profanity against the situation really really helps. And no, thinking it does not have the same effect as verbally expressing it, no matter how un-ladylike it maybe. In fact I think I read a news item on BBC a while back, which said that this was a scientific fact that swearing actually takes away pain. They meant physical pain but it also addresses the psycological side to some extent. And it has another advantage. You don't end up breaking something to vent out your frustration and since it's all verbal, as long as it's not against any one person in particular (and they hear it), no harm done! Ok so you've made your "peace" with the situation by swearing it away, but there is still all that extra energy that your body is feeling at that time. Put it to use. Often I get a lot of work done if I was pissed off at something. Consequently inadvertant train delays/broken-down equipment yield some of my most-productive desk work. Funny, yet true! Anyone else on the same train of thought? Voice up!


Jane said...

Hell yea girlfriend!!!!!!!! In fact, lots and lots and lots and LOTS of bad shit has happened to me in the past few years and I have been struggling damn hard to survive. You and my oldest daughter must be on the same page, because she recently said the same thing to me. Seems I forgot how to use anger as a productive tool, but I think you are both on to something here.

To hell with hoping and praying things will get better...time to curse the bastards and vow to kick their asses every day from now on. ;)

Jaya said...

Jane-> Haha.. Thanks for the lengthy comment and for reading and "empathizing" with the whole blog. Yeah well, channelizing negative energy into positive feed is one of the hardest things to do. But once done, it's also the most rewarding. And honest-to-God, the swearing helps! :D Thanks once more for visiting and sharing your views.

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