January 21, 2010

The Lazy Susan earring organizer

Ah so it was one of those days where I was trying to find places for some of the things I had and just find some other things. So I ran across this lampshade which I hadn’t hoisted up on the bulb in one of the rooms and I figured I wasn’t getting around to it any time soon. And just then, I couldn’t find one of my favorite pair of earrings. And all of a sudden I decided to put the 2 together. Sure, S thought I was nuts when he saw me piercing the earrings I could find on the lampshade, but only until he saw the finished product. Here’s your first look.


Well, so the centre spindle of the lampshade rests on an empty wine bottle. And so, guess what? it spins freely and just like the displays in stores, I can check out everything to choose whatever I want to wear. The other upside? I can put them back the right way each time. Of course I have to keep this thing near my bed because I am less likelier to take off my earrings any other place.  But anyhoo, here’s another look at this resultant piece of an hour of joblessness.


Oh and one side, I’ve clipped my hair accessories. Oh, a win win all the way!

Oh BTW, do you know that the phrase Lazy Susan has an interesting story? You can read it here. Cheerio!


Priya said...

aaah, thats genius! I'll end up shredding the paper within mins though :D I'm having a tough time picking a fav pair, all of them look lovely.

Saumya said...

Its a great idea and looks very pretty, but I have a feeling I'd shred the paper of the lamp..:)..very pretty earrings tho!..

mswa said...

great selection of earrings! and smart idea, too :)
enjoy the delicate arrangement until a baby comes into your life and either tries to whack the entire "lamp shade" down or tries to pull out a few earrings himself!!
- from someone who has moved/removed all such items of beauty from the house!

Jaya said...

Priya, Saumya-> Thanks.. but hey that lampshade's paper is not "paper" thin and piercing some of those earrings took quite some strength.. So i am going to say it requires some 'talent' to shred the paper. :) Thqnks for the comments qnd keep visiting!

mswa-> Thanks for visiting and commenting on the blog!! Well, as soon as a baby is around, for sure all the pretty things go under hiding. Lol. But till then, at least I can enjoy some creativity.. hehehehe. Thanks a ton for visiting n commenting!!

Musing Gal said...

Nice idea and very nice pairs of earrings :). I was having trouble with my earrings too, finally I used a nice golden chocolate tray for it. It has individual compartments (open type) so I can put the earring in place and retrieve them quickly.

chandni said...

Ooooooooooooh that's so pretty. Love the idea and the implementation. Do you have the space to keep it intact though? I'd imagine Paris apartments are small to forbid such luxuries. Love the idea though! Very chic.

Tijuana junkie said...

I think the color on the lampshade really makes it work. It does'nt have any distracting patterns or dark colors and really makes the earrings stand out. Lemme ask you this? Any bright ideas like this one for necklaces? Do share! Loved this 1 tho'

Jaya said...

Musing Gal-> Thanks!! Yeah, my husband suggested using fancy stackable ice-cube trays. But yeah, box like Ferrerro Rocher will suit it just fine! Happy organizing! :)

Chandni-> Spot on! Space is a constraint in Parisian apartments.. but then a girl's got to do what she's got to do :).

Tijuana junkie-> You're right. The colour does enhance the appeal; And hey as a matter of fact, I do have an arrangment for the necklaces too. pictures next!

Thanks all for visiting and commenting! Come again!

Parasuraman said...

great idea and looks fantastic keep it up

Jaya said...

Appa-> Thanks! :D

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