January 20, 2010

Short circuit

Ever wanted to cower in the corner and pray for the dark forces to take you? Well, you’d probably understand that feeling if you’ve ever done circuit training at the gym. After my first evening at it, I am kinda wishing it was the good old days of comparatively easy-peasy Total body Workout Wednesdays at SD. This was pure hell. The only time I was truly relieved was when I was at the last lap of the 3-repetition circuit. And that was of course knowing that it would all be okay soon. That I would soon breathe normally again. And that I may just survive.  I am never going to see a pot of yogurt the same way again and think – oh it’s just 45 calories if this is the way I have to burn it. Lol. Talk about learning things the hard way. Ah well, the joys of burning all those calories only engulfs you when you step out to the freezing cold and don’t feel it. Every cloud has a silver lining. Of course people like S view the cloud itself as a silver lining in this pretext. Here’s hoping perceptions change and I enjoy gymming as much as he does (I bet that’ll happen once the bathroom scales and the mirror start talking to me). That should put the fuse on this short circuit, shouldn’t it?


Priya said...

Got started y'day, yet again! I just hope I keep at it atleast for a week if not more. Going to a Zumba class today to see if that makes it interesting. Atleast the others in the class are going to have a good time watching me today.

Jughead said...

Thank god for the small things in life. Squash velaiyadarathunaala no gymming for me. Sema kadi gymming. Naan squash velaiyadarathe yethai venumnaalum saapadrathukku thaan.

Jaya said...

Priya-> Zumba?! Never heard of it! What's that supposed to be? And lemme know how it pans out :)

Jughead-> True to your name! Lol. But yeah, playing some kinda sport will not give you the whole "exercising" feeling. It's like a by-product. Unfortunately racquetball is not that big out here.. And in this weather, outdoor sports are out of the question. Consequently, gym is the only option if you want to remain the least bit fit without piling on the pounds in the winter holiday season.

Thanks for the comments and keep visiting!

Musing Gal said...

I know this feeling :). Had this a few years back. Check this out..(http://musinggalfoodcorner.blogspot.com/2010/01/my-weight-watching-saga.html). Had to write it out loud! But currently I am doing good at it. Somehow I started loving Gym. You will too :) till then happy sweating those calories away!

Jaya said...

Musing Gal-> Thanks for sharing your experiences!! To be honest, I consider myself "fit". I don't run out of breath easily and can keep at it for prolonged times and all that. Just that the stupid circuit thing was a shock to my system. When I was at UC, I lost 20 pounds doing absolutely nothing special. That's the side effect from missing Amma's/Paati's cooking. Lol Anyhow, now I guess if I do keep at the circuit training, the next 10 pounds better be waiting to melt away. Thanks for the comment and keep visiting!

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