April 6, 2008

Flash memory

I mean here, a flash of memory... and not the storage device. As is habitual when the hubby is out playing cricket, I do the household chores and watch reruns of some of my favorite shows. After a long long time, I decided to revisit Sex and the City. I didn't so much as watch it as I did relive my Cincinnatian memories with them. It was one of those shows that we caught late at night on Fox19 or WB64 while working on our theses... In fact we had a girls night out with the whole Season 1 on one of my bday weekends. I think another show that was "Roommate Special" was Medium... It took us a couple of episodes to even understand what was about but once we did, we were hooked. Ah... as much as life's taken a turn for the better, I miss my girls!


Priya said...

You had a gals night out of the show !! :(( :((

Jaya said...

Yeah!! T'was for one of my bdays... I tell you.. You shd visit Paris.. We can have a weekend out even, if you want. What say? ;)

Sachin said...

U guys made me watch House once, and I cudn't stop watching it later....even though I hated Dr. House.

Jaya said...

I take that as a compliment. House, Grey's Anatomy, etc have been my find. :)

GreenGrl said...

Ohh. I miss you too :D
Now I catch medium late at night with D wanting to switch the channel.
I guess somethings guys never get do they !

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