April 7, 2008

The gift

Getting gifts is always fun... Whether just another trinket or something fabulous... I have always loved getting presents... the more surprise in it, the better. So when my hubby called me yesterday and told me we'd gotten a belated wedding present from his friend, he dropped a subtle hint saying - "This will be a big surprise for you." And my overactive imagination prepared an extensive list of things... But nothing had prepared me for what it really was..

I was waiting for him of course with the wifely instinct blended in with excessive proportions of dying curiosity. And when he placed the package in front of me, my mouth literally dropped open. Getting an SLR camera has been in my plans for ageeeeees... and amongst my hubby n I, I am the more camera-crazy one (and the more behind-the-scenes person). That explained why it would be a BIG surprise for me. Of course, for all that wanting the SLR camera bit, I don't know a thing about using it. But thats something I started figuring out last evening.

Praneeth, I truly wanted to write a glowing blog thanking you for this gift.. but I am soo overwhelmed that this is it for now... And I can thank you more by covering you all play cricket... after all a picture is worth a 1000 words. :)


Gayathri Krish said...

Hey Jayalakshmi,

Well I have always known you that way in PS :). You have got a nice blog here.

Mt best wishes for your married life and your PhD.


Jaya said...

Hi there... Long time no hear.. Thanks for your wishes and keep visiting. :)

calibergemini said...
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Shiva kumar Shankar said...

now, lets get u rocking with this baby shall we??

Jaya said...

Oh believe you me... When I want advice, I am coming to you!!

The Muse ... said...

Awesome place to learn photography.
I'm an S2 IS owner hankering to get me a digital SLR too.


Priya said...

Now that you know what it feels like to get such a gift, may be you should try surprising someone else :)

GreenGrl said...

I have just 3 words..
O..M..G !!
This is wonderful..We were thinking about getting an SLR too. But I guess it needs to wait for a while..D has a strong opinion that we should learn all the tricks b4 burning a hole...
Keep on posting.


Shiva kumar Shankar said...

Hey Jaya,
This topic is just in line with what I was telling the other day!

@greengrl- Trust me, You really would need the equipment, to learn all the tricks and it still take quite a long time to learn them all. There is a steep learning curve, and not something that u can learn a lot without the equipment.
Learn the basics, get it, start shooting in manual, learn how to interpret technical information, make mistakes, keep learning as you proceed and play with it often. When u start getting it right more often than not, ur joy knows no bounds!!
Happy Shooting!

Jaya said...

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions you guys... We've just decided to get a new lens to go with the rest of it and we hope to get some fantastic pics in the near future!

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