October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Traditionally (over the past 3 years), I haven't been a major celebrator of Halloween... As in, I haven't dressed up, trick-or-treated or anything. This year's different. K has gone all out to celebrate Halloween as indeed they do every year... There are pumpkin-carving contests, Dress-up-your-boss contests, pie-eating contests, a parade and prizes for best costume, etc. Such fun! I think the best part is that we spend all morning preparing for the festivities that last all afternoon! Curious about Halloween? I was too... Read all about it here. Happy Halloween!

Update! - Metallized (my group) rocks - We won the best-dressed-group and the Dress-up-your-boss competitions! Yeaay! Here, check out what we did to the group (I was one of the dress-ers and not the dress-ees)

And here's one of my bosses competing in the pie-eating...

And last, the victorious group.....


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