October 25, 2010

Viral infection

Maybe for me.. but surely for my computer! So I’ve been suffering from a terrible, relentless cold over the past week but that’s hardly worth any internet footage. But what is worth it is the fact that my computer contracted something over the weekend. Something that made it crawl like a learning baby, slowed it enough to alarm me and even went as far as disabling the battery. What was worse is like some haunted movie, it made a sound every few minutes as well. Something that sounded like disco drum beats and lasted a few seconds at a time. It was as creepy as it was crawly, if you get my drift.
So the first thing I did was to investigate the Task Manager to see what the heck was sapping all that speed that I had so lovingly configured and bought. Turns out there were 3 instances of Internet Explorer which held a large chunk of memory, even though I haven’t used IE for as long as I can remember. Shockingly each time I “ended” the task, it reincarnated itself and sat atop the memory usage pile, in essence occupying my strong systems’ wholesome memory. Surely it was a virus. My Norton that came with the system had expired a few months ago and lets admit it, how many of us renew it anyway? Neither did I. Big mistake apparently for the second I typed “iexplore.exe”, the default words that followed it were – virus, infection, worm, etc., none of them leaving a shadow of a doubt of what had gotten hold of my poor laptop.
The next step was of course to detect where the worm was lurking and so after reading a bunch of forums (which took insanely long), I downloaded something called PrevX CSI. And it was a free scanner only. But under 5 minutes, it diagnosed 93 infections. 93! A frisson of shock later, I tried hunting for a trial version (which wasn’t available) to clean it up. All along my computer’s performance kept declining steadily and this called for quick action… not something to ponder and then regret.
30 minutes, 2 restarts and 30€ of PrevX – licensed purchase later, the computer is back up and back running and fast again. All bugs gone. System protected. Sometimes, it is worth buying the good stuff. And I can’t tell how relieved I am not to hear those disco beats again. I swear it felt like the virus mocking me.


Balaji P G said...

Hmm...u should have used AVG antivirus...it is a free version. If that did not work, AVAST another free version would have helped

Jaya said...

Balaji-> AVG didn't work! And I didn't know about AVAST. But I did choose PrevX because in a lot of forums many people claimed that NOTHING worked and like 1-2 posts said that PrevX was the only thing that worked for this worm. Thanks for the tip anyways.. I'll install the other thing soon. Keep visiting!

Radhika said...

AVG works for me normally. But I don't know about any specific virus attacks. but if you keep it instaleld maybe it will detect new problems as they come. I am not sure it will work once you download and then try to remove an existing virus. But I am happy that now the issues are over. Hopefully you didn't lose any data :-)


Anonymous said...

LOL! Its funny once itz all over isn't it? Always the case. Glad you resolved it for you though. Keep writing!

Preethi said...

Jaya, this happened with me even after installing BitDefender, Norton, McAfee.
The Microsoft site has a free cleanup tool that did wonders for my system. That might be worth looking at. It cleans the registry, trojans, viruses, basically everything needed t keep your system in shape.

Jaya said...

Radhika-> Thanks! The one I bought also has internet security and stuff (which is the major threat now) and does a self-scan every now and then and I am now relieved that I didn't lose anything. Hehehe. Thanks for checking! Keep visiting!:)

Anon-> Funny once its done is exactly right! Thanks for voicing up and keep visiting!

Preethi-> Thanks for the information! But I did try a Microsoft cleanup that failed for this particular worm. :S Anyhoo now its all ok, thank God! Thanks for the tip, comment and keep visiting!

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