October 26, 2010

The foodie birthday

In honour of the husband’s birthday, I cooked. A lot. Here’s only a glimpse of 3 of the dishes.

The starter…

IMG_3708-1 Baby corn crispies.

The main course

IMG_3732-1 Vegetable dum biryani.

The dessert

IMG_3746-1 Hot and creamy – Carrot halwa.

And there’s always room for cake! Presenting one of the best renderings of black forrest that I’ve had. Ever. Period. And before you all freak out that I bake it, I will go on to credit the nearby boulangerie for their flawless effort. Light yet creamy.. sweet yet subtle, it was the perfect cake for the occasion.

IMG_3757-1 The chocolatey perfection – Black forrest cake.

Happy Birthday S! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed doing it for you. :)

PS: For recipes for any of the above (except cake), drop me a line and we can revisit them!


Manjari Ganti said...


Radhika said...

Yummy! Recipes PLEASE!

Gandalf said...

Wow. Lucky man S. Happy Birthday dude!

Sonali said...

Carrot halwa looks so good J! Recipe please ;-). And of course Happy budday S.

Jaya said...

Manjari-> Thanks so much! :)
Radhika-> Thank you! Recipes will follow shortly :)
Gandalf->What is this? You're alive? :O Where are my comments then! Welcome back and keep visiting!
Sonali-> Thank youuuu :). Recipes will come soon. Watch this space. Thanks for the comment and keep visiting!

Vasu said...

They all look amazing...the recipe for the dum biryani please :)

Parasuraman said...

so yummy wish u teach some of these to the ladies at our house

Jaya said...

Vasu-> Thank you!! The recipe's coming soon. Watch this space :)

Appa-> How can I teach the people who taught me? :O Mine's just experimentation.. theirs is all experience. :D

Everyone, thanks for your comments and keep visiting!

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