October 28, 2010

One cold tablet.. two cold tablets.. three co.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

What's up with my freaking cold anyways? I swear there should be a way for these diseases to make demands to the people they infect, get whatever they want and then leave... something like a ransom situation. I swear.. just when I thought it was going away... it returned this morning and with a vengeance. Which is incredibly sad considering that the weather in Paris has improved dramatically this week. So really, I don't get what it wants. And so I've downed samahan after samahan, masala chais, hot lemon teas, a multitude of tablets that would put pharamacists to shame... used salves and vaporubs and what not... have a permanent bottle of Axe Oil next to my bed and have exhausted enough tissues to carpet the house. What the heck more does it want? 

(Not-so) Dear cold, please get the message and get the hell out of my system. If my internal hostess played nice to you, it was a farce. You've overstayed your welcome now. Get out. Goodbye. Au revoir.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Get well soon Jay!

Jaya said...

Thanks anon!

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