July 23, 2010

Tschüß Berlin!!!

Gosh I had the best time in Berlin the whole of last week and even now as I’m reflecting on it it seems surreal that I spent an entire week there, an extra day completely unintended but totally not regretted too. For anyone considering a visit to the German capital, here are a few reasons why -

1. The sights.

Bradenburger Tor1 Bradenburger Tor – Berlin’s most recognizable monument.

2. The people.

For those who feel you can’t get enough people speaking English in Europe, other than England itself, please please go to Berlin. You’ll be right at home the moment you open your mouth since almost everyone under 40 speaks the Queen’s language and are happy to help you with everything from directions to suggestions. Very friendly.

3. The food.

Hell yeah. all you non-vegetarians have treat after treat lined up in the form of the popular Würstchen or Hot Dog. Other than the other meat dishes of course. And all the vegetarians? Don’t fret. You’ll find as many veggie choices as you’ll ever find in Europe, right here in Berlin. Imagine. Mc D’s. Veggie burger. Enough said. Oh not without mentioning the comparatively rock-bottom prices!

4. The prices.

Europe’s lowest prices have got. to. be. in. Berlin. Really. Everything from the branded stuff to the unnamed unbranded things. All at a fraction of Parisian prices, surely. Plus the student discounts are spectacular… a fraction of the price. I mean, seriously.

Well that was a seriously short synopsis of what Berlin has to offer. I suggest you go to find out more. Until then, from Paris, it’s Tschüß Berlin!!!


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