July 11, 2010

Blog drop

I just went back to MindBlogging and was shocked that after a third of July having passed, there was just one blog post and that too a pictorial one. Well I guess that goes to show how busy the days have been. Indeed with the cleanroom closing for summer and the days melding into evenings melding into football nights, there's hardly been any time to pause and breathe, to chill or seethe on the blog. With the impending conference trip and more work deadlines, I am going to guess that July is going to be pretty sparse out here.

However I do have some unfinished drafts from before and I'll make an effort to finish and post them at the very least. Other than that, Paris has gone the far end of summer and we're all gasping for water amid the humid days and the tortorous rides in crowded trains and disturbed transport. Hail Summer!

On a different note, I am super sad that the month of football worldcup is drawing to a close and leading to an all unexpected finalé today... Go Oranje! (Oh and what's the deal with the Oracle octopus anyways and why is it almost always picking the winner from my list of losers?) More to follow soonish.. watch this space and thanks for visiting so far!


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