July 25, 2010

I <3 Panoramas

Oh the joy of stitching the panoramas! It all just feels right when they align and give you the wide-angle view of what the reality is when you don’t have the luxury of carrying your SLR, your wide-angle lens and the likes of it. And indeed, the point’n’shoot works well enough for this purpose. Here’s what I mean -

Olympia Stadion_Final_cp

The Olympia Stadion at Berlin, Germany



Shiva said...

excellent stitch!! Btw even the widest UWA will not give you this perspective and it will flatten your image because it will capture many unnecessary details in the vertical co-ordinates too! So a good stitch is always a great pleasure!

If you composed this panorama by just hand holding that makes this panorama even more impressive!

Jaya said...

Shiva-> Thanks!! Yes I was holding it by hand and swerving from left to right as I shot this picture. And yes I was pretty amazed it turned out this well too. Except for the top of a friend's head showing, I love this picture!

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