November 30, 2009

The Unpitiables..

You know how you just feel bad for some people for some reason? Like the child putting up posters back in India or those poor Sivakasi kids who are made to work their fingers off? Certainly, these are examples where everyone almost unanimously agrees that this isn't for the child's best interests. But what if you pitied someone's something (it could be a situation, a decision, a purchase or whatever else that you can think of) but they actually thought that they'd done the best for themselves? Then what? You're the fool left imagining the greener pastures that could've been for someone who is perfectly content in their situation whatsoever it maybe. In such cases, is it prudent to burst someone's bubble and show them the "reality" or should be left to the "theory of relativity" - you know.. what's good in your book may not necessarily be at the same benchmark for someone else. And there's never a good time to pull off those rose-coloured glasses from anyone's face even if it is for their good. It's like SO told me... the pity is just wasted. And people these days are smart enough to get what they want and I am probably left their pitying their content life. So what next? I should move on. Live and let live, right?


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