August 2, 2009

French flaws

What happens when a country starts to grow on you? Embarrassment! I have been saying "Bonjour" instead of "hello" and "pardon" instead of "sorry" consistently over the past week. While the others think I am alien, I turn red from the heat/embarrassment or both and am found floundering for the right equivalents for words that the people can understand. So much for trying to embrace the French culture. Hmph.

BTW, Happy Friendship Day everyone! If you want to read rants from last year - here you go!


Anonymous said...

I think you should continue saying bonjour and there's no reason why should get embarassed. Instead, i think you should teach everyone some basic french words. When u leave India and when they say "au revoir et à bientot" in their own accents, it feels so nice..;o)


Jaya said...

Siva-> Easier said than done.. now I've adapted to India mode.. inimey anga vandhu I am gonna be like 'vanakkam annathe' to you guys :D

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