August 24, 2009

Bye bye India..

Isn't it typical? It always seems as though the time you countdown to a trip/vacation lasts much longer than the trip itself. In my case, I have little to complain considering my India trip was 30 long days in duration. Even still, it flew. I can't recollect exactly where I've gone, whom I've visited or what I've done during the trip... but it's over and I've reluctantly packed (and as always exceeded the baggage weight allowances - but this time blame it on Air India who allow me to check in 1 bag of 20kg). And I have just a little over one day to go in precious India... I have done everything I've wanted in this trip - spent all my time with family, eaten all the Indian goodies I've wanted to, caught up on a few precious books, updated myself on mega-serials (no, I didn't want this one.. but these are side effects of the India trip). I've not done a few things I've meant to - call many people and inform them that I am in India and now it's too late - I'm leaving. None of my friends are in Chennai anymore and hence I didn't meet a single person. I didn't travel out of Chennai to visit any of my relatives (blame that on Swine flu), etc. As always there are a few "could-have-beens" and a few "maybe-ifs". Ah, forget about all that.. let's be honest - I had a total blast. I maxed out my time with my family, was able to aid my Paati in her time of need. Now I suppose I am completely refreshed and recharged to pounce back on my PhD work and give it my all. And did I mention the brightest part of going back? My S is out there waiting. :)


yeshu said...

hmmm.. whos is the s who's waiting?
anyways, I’ve been reading your blog.. it’s very creative! I’m not a very consistent blogger, but I like to browse through and read other people’s blogs and comment on them!
Your blog is very unusual… nicely designed, and awesome posts!
Especially that lighter side of swine flu :)

I find interesting blogs now & then.. But it’s difficult to keep contacts or converse with all the authors regularly. There are time constraints of course. .! but we’ve got to click on the blogger icon, go to the comments page, pass a word verification test and then put in our comments n views… one cant be doing all this for so many blogs!

That’s why my cousin and I decided to create some place.. like a website; where many bloggers can come together, discuss about their blogs, give their views on topics of common interests and get their articles read!

I wish you would become a part of the group too!
We could chat, discuss and have a lotta fun!

Anyways, keep writing.. looking forward for more of your posts..


Jaya said...

Yesh-> Thanks for the long first comment. "S" is my husband who didn't join me on my vacation in India. Thanks for all your compliments on the template and content on my blog. It's people like you who make my day and inspire me to write about all the junk that goes on in my life :). BTW, you didn't share the link of the blog you n your cousin have started. I went to your profile to find it. Is it the same one? Do update and I will do the best I can to join in on your discussions. Thanks for writing and please keep visiting. :)

Gandalf said...

I hate the end of any vacation, let alone an India vacation. Welcome back to your blogger's land though, considering you've been sporadic.. I bet you'll be back in full swing now. Cheers.

Jaya said...

Gandalf-> Thanks for hanging around.. And yes, I plan to blog full-swing and hey, I wasn't that sporadic.:)

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