June 8, 2008

Happy Feet

Brown.... beautiful... brilliant. I finally found my pair of boots. And branded, nonetheless :)
For all about the search of my perfect pair, read this.


Anonymous said...

Awesome boots, yo! The wait paid off finally, is it? Is there a big hole in the pocket though?

Saumya said...

dude...that doesnt look as comfy as you are suggesting..:)..is ur hubby going to have to carry you piggy-back when they hurt your feet?....a la monica and chandler?..:)


Anonymous said...

so finally u got ur long awaited shoes..cooi!!!!!!!!!

Jaya said...

Anonymous 1 & 2 -> Thank you for visiting... you guys rock my world... Its time we got introduced though. I'm Jaya and you are...?

Saumya-> Oooh believe me... they are beyond perfect.. And what do u mean 'look' comfy? They should feel comfy which I totally vouch for. :)

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