June 20, 2008


Well I suppose if it happened to inanimate objects, you would call them dents or scratches... But I've always considered My Darling Notebook as a living thing... I speak to him, coax him, chide him, cajole him and at times scream curses at him... Before you start imagining a vividly sad life for me, let me clarify that speaking to my computer makes me feel like it'll make him boot faster. For the unitiated, here's who we're talking about- http://jollyjaya.blogspot.com/search?q=my+darling+notebook. The beauty of this whole thing is that he responds just like a living thing would. I discovered this sad piece of truth when one day he accidentally fell off from a chair while I was cleaning around the dining table. I gingerly picked him up and hit the power button half expecting no lights to turn on. Surprisingly all seemed well... till I took a closer look that is. The upper row of lights were swelled up and elevated, almost like a real person's bruise. And try as I might, I couldn't push the bulge back in... Not just that.. Some particles had gotten under some keys and were creating havoc. I had to individually pry out those keys and clean them. Talk about a fussy computer... But the real message? He's as human as its safe to be.


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