September 25, 2008

Receipt Rani

So, I am in Japan... Yoo hoo... And since we all hail from Asia, we don't probably right away see the exotic nature of the country, perhaps, mainly because the airport is located over an hour away from the city center. And I took the Narita Express (Nex for short) to a connecting station called Shinagawa and another train to Ōfuna where my hotel of the day is located. And the whole ordeal from start to finish including negligible connection times took over 2.5 hours. This, for a country that's not even that big.

And so I found the hotel (no biggie considering its facade is visible from the railway station exit) and was told that check-in wasn't for another 5 hours. I must've looked a sight because no sooner had I coaxed for an advancement and I was asked to come back in 90 minutes. Wearing an unnecessarily thick jacket for the humid climate outside, I was in no mood to lunge it around looking for a decent place to lunch, all the while wondering what all went into it's preparation. Just as I dreaded walking out into the heat with the backpack and the jacket, I spotted this cozy coffee shop that belonged to the hotel. Like all hotel-adjoined coffee shops, it was pricier than it should be (or maybe all the yens just seem like a large number). Be that as it may, I pointed out to the coffee of my choice on the menu card, having rapidly exhausted my Japanese vocabulary of 2 words (Konnuchiwa - Good day and Arigato - Thank you). And it was delicious. Instantly, I ordered one more and decided to kill the 90 minutes by reading Harry Potter yet again on my laptop. And that's when it occurred to me that the lady hadn't given me a receipt. I marched back and asked for one and was given it immediately. That's what prompted the title of the post. Having never really cared for any sort of receipt in the past I was amused at my own instantaneous reaction on a business trip. Guess that's what everyone does, huh?

More on Japan in subsequent posts. I want to lace them with iconic photos... but I happen to have left the USB transfer cable back home. So I guess that'll have to wait. Guess what's impressed me the most in Japan yet? Their technology. Even in toilets. Toilet technology. Yup, a post on that is due very soon. Sayonara! (I guess tht's my third word then!!)


Ram said...

well.. atleast you could get a receipt.. here I had to draw several squares in the air, hold up the queue like the Visa ad.. and still only get a stare, not the bill!

Vidhya said...

Aren't the toilets in Japan awesome..Remember me gushing abt them after my Japan trip :D
Hope u have fun..Oh btw if u r planning on going to an indian restaurant go to devi :)

Vidhya said...

oh let me give ur 4th and 5th word..
ohio means good morning
arigato gozaimas means thankyou very much
sumimasen means excuse me or sorry(I think) depending on the tone..

yeah is showing off..the last word is a bonus

Kavitha K Nair said...

howz it going ? Looking fwd to hear more frm Japan, eager to see the snaps too. and hey thanx for the japanese lessons ;).....
Konnuchiwa :)

Jaya said...

Bala -> Use the phrase "l'addition s'il vois plâit" in future to get the bill.

Vids -> I picked up those words over the net couple of days :) And yes, toilet technology is a certain up and coming blog. Have been tooooo busy to write anymore

Kavitha -> Thanks.. yes, I'll update once I m back in Paris. For now, its all about soaking in more n more of the culture and the experience. Keep visiting!

Sachin said...

So now, find out if you can take a look at one of those mid-street toilets with one-way see-thru glass walls, which came in emails long back.

Jaya said...

Sachin -> In Japan, I have better things than to go candid camera hunting!!! Lol

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