May 6, 2008

Sweater Dosa

I did title this right... The husband and I had this immense craving for dosa a couple of days back... And with a brand new mixi sitting at home, there is barely an excuse not to go about making it! So, I soaked the rice n urad dal last night and like a good girl, I arachified it this morning... And all I had to do after that was to let it ferment a bit before spreading out those crispy hot dosas for dinner tonight.

Problem: The vessel I poured the batter into is this saucepan of sorts (I don't have smaller handle-less vessels). The weather though dramatically improved, isn't warm enough for ideal fermenting, especially not with closed windows and shutters.
Usual solution: I leave stuff in the microwave when I want them protected and at a temperature a little higher than normal.

Today's problem: The microwave is too small to accomodate a 3 litre saucepan.
Today's solution: Batter kept inside the vessel cabinet snugly wrapped with my warmest sweatshirt.

Problems foreseen: The batter ferments soo much that it outspills the saucepan and ruins my sweatshirt.
Solution: The husband can buy me a new one in return for yummy dosas.

Ah.. there's a solution to everything in this world, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha.. Lets hope that your sweater is saved. Even then you will have to wash it to rid the fermented smell off it. And do post snaps of your dosas if they come out well ;) On a serious note, I am a regular to your blog and have u blogroleld. You write great!

- Vipul

vasudha said...

hahaha...i like the final about keeping it in the oven..that always works for me

Jaya said...

Vipul - Thanks.. Keep visiting.
Vasudha- I don't have a conventional oven at this house and as I had mentioned, the microwave is too small!

But people... it didnt ferment much at all... Even though the sweater was greatly warm, the vessel remained surprisingly cold. But the dosas did turn out to be fantastic - crispy and yummy!

Sachin said...

S told me he did some trick to keep the batter from over fermenting spilling over, so that he need not buy u a new sweat shirt...

Jaya said...

Sachin-> S is not that kanjoos :)

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