February 18, 2008

Moment of truth?

The wedding is such a big deal.. to you.. the family... the people attending. Its a defining moment after which "life is never the same" - for good reasons of course. But somehow as I lived through my wedding, I had a very vague feeling of disjointedness... Like I was looking over someone else's wedding. I was the one getting ready but I was not the one getting married. Anyone ever felt that before? It was beautiful yet unreal. That would explain my 3rd person reactions.. the thumbs up, etc. Even now as I am with the hubby, it feels like I am living with a friend and shadowing his lifestyle.. nothing too different. I wonder why and I wonder when the realization of the magnitude if the events is going to dawn if it ever will...


Sachin said...

Very soon, my dear....very soon you will face many questions and then you will realise that its you, who's got married.

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