January 5, 2008


Anyone who knows me knows just how attached I am to my camera. But its been about a month now. And I haven't touched it. Believe it? Ever since I landed in Madras, I have stored the S2 IS in pa's cupboard locker. This for someone who took 1.2 gigs of pictures in her last India trip. And so it hasn't recorded many historic moments - maybe the first n last time I met M's A.. for now atleast... The Kadalais once more together... My last few single days at home... going out with the family, etc. I last used it amply at P's wedding. I realize how it has extended to being my third arm only when everyone around stops bringing their camera's around claiming J will have it.. only to be disappointed more than once. Now I kind of miss it. Its probably time to whip it out and use it the most I can.. now that S is arriving in a week.


Ram said...

for the uninitiated, who are M, P , A and all the alphabets?

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