December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

2008. This is undoubtedly going to be one of the most memorable years in my life. And it begins tomorrow. There's been a lot to cheer about 2007- the most memorable being that my nephew was born.. That apart also, 2007 was a predominantly pleasing year.. The defense.. the graduation.. the multiple jobs... the new places, new friends and what not. Of course I wish many things were different. I wish I hadn't lived such a nomadic life. But I found new places, made new friends, made more contacts and gained priceless experience and everything has a positive spin to it. I am not going to complain. For now, its soo good to be home with the family to celebrate yet another new year with the conventional celebrations. The cake.. the TV.. the family.. the 12'o clock wishes and maybe a latenight drive around the city. Exactly as it has always been and probably will be.

Happy New Year 2008!


karmanna said...

happy new year.. jaya

Ram said...

ee sure it will always be the same? even though "Chennai has changed"?

Will we run out of bread to bake the cake someday? Will we run out of road space to take that drive? Will we have enough power to turn on that TV?

One thing is sure.. we will have enough energy and an automatic watch to shout out loud.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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